Ensuring the American Dream

Guaranteeing better economic futures for American college graduates.


Are students getting what they’re paying for?

Students across the country are more worried than ever if their investment in the pursuit of higher education will pay off. The $1.5 trillion student loan crisis isn’t helping.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


Our Story


We’re on a mission

To inspire students and promote better outcomes from higher education across America.

We’ve assembled a passionate team of former actuarial consultants, economists, product engineers and data scientists who work tirelessly in pioneering new insurance products and software tools to guarantee higher economic mobility for graduates.


Introducing EIC’s Flagship Product

American Dream Insurance

We’re creating a new insurance product that guarantees university students make more income after graduation — fostering more applicants, greater retention, and more happy graduates.

It’s that simple.


Reduce the Risk in Pursuing Higher Education

Work with EIC and foster stronger, more confident graduates


More Applicants

Students worry if their investment in education will pay off. Attract more, stronger applicants by guaranteeing that it will.


Increased Graduation Rates

Leverage economic alignment to motivate and push more students to graduate.


Committed Alumni

Ensure that all of your graduates, regardless of the economy, leave school knowing that you have their back. And in turn, they’ll have yours.


Is your University interested?


Tired of the student debt crisis and its effect on Americans?

You’re not alone.

Join the Coalition

Become a part of a massive growing movement of students, educators, administrators and families who are committed to to improve outcomes and better economic futures for graduates across the country.



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Students go to college to earn more money.

We insure they do.

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