What is Student Loan Insurance?

Student Loan Insurance protects you when you need it most.  The transition from college graduation to a great job can be a challenge for many people.  Paying for student loans can be particularly difficult during this time.  Student Loan Insurance helps provide a safety net during this time by covering student loan payments for the bottom quartile of income earners.


How it works

Insuring your student loans is a simple 3 step process.


Purchase a policy

Pay a small percentage of the loan amount to insure your loans before graduation



Finish your degree program for which you are taking your loans


Submit tax return

Send in your tax return for the first year after graduation


Claims are automatically and immediately paid

If you fall in the bottom 25th percentile of income earners in your cohort, you'll have your student loans paid for that year, enabling you the opportunity to “catch up” to your peers economically. This process of submitting tax returns and claiming payments repeats for four years for a total of five years of coverage post graduation.


    Ensure your future financial success