Our Vision

To restore the American Dream by removing the risks inherent in seeking higher education.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the American Dream is achievable for our customers.  We do this by creating new financial instruments that will de-risk the return on educational investment, increase graduation rates and, in so doing, improve the income mobility of virtually all Americans.

College is part of the American Dream. It shouldn’t be part of a financial nightmare for families.
— Barbara Mikulski

We believe

  • The American Dream to be a critical component of American greatness and that it is truly one of the great wonders of the world.
  • That hard work, education and luck all play a role in achieving and maintaining the American Dream.
  • That innovation, success and stability are unlocked through education.
  • Education is the key to economic growth, both at a personal and a societal level.
  • That endemic inequality, in income and opportunity, can only be remedied through education. 
  • In the importance of incentives and risk in the decisions that we make.  It is because of this belief that we think it is critical that the most vulnerable in our society – those forced to take the greatest risks – have access to the best data possible to help guide them in their decisions.